The Church of the Good Shepherd UMC
Saturday, July 23, 2016

Church Goals

  1. Develop a lay visitation program
    1. Increase members inviting of family & friends by providing more event opportunities.


  1. Increase average worship attendance to average of 96 (1996 Goal - In work – went from 65 to 89 now) Average Attendance in the 80’s for 2007. Up to 89 now.


  1. Explore campus ministry at the University of South CarolinaLancaster (Currently talking with the Wesley Foundation)


  1. Almoners Fund (Increase money left at the altar during communion)


  1. Develop job descriptions for committees and work areas (In work)


  1. Work on Nativity Scene (Costumes, scenery) (Ongoing)


  1. Raise $100,000 towards the new sanctuary (We have raised over $63,000 so far)

   11. Building Committee develop plans for the new sanctuary. (TALKING WITH ARCHITECTS)


   12. Make our Children’s Ministries stronger in numbers and spiritual quality.


   13. Encourage all members of the church to use their talents, so that every member is fulfilling God’s will.          


1) Develop a worship service that is more visual; and offer opportunities to experience new 

     expressions of faith: Liturgical dance, clown communion, Moravian Love Feast, Seder Supper, etc… 

 2) Start new Adult Sunday school class

 3) Increase our mission awareness. (Mission speakers on 5th Sundays.)

 4) Children’s Hand bells

 5) Develop Website

6) Training in welcoming visitors to the church

7) Training Lay people to follow-up on visitors 

8) Training for mentoring of new members        

9) Strengthen our Sunday School        

10) Increase Sunday school attendance 30%        (19 last year – 29 so far this year)

11) Develop a prayer ministry.

12) Remake the Chrismons
13) Shepherding Program to draw membership closer.
14) Buy adult handbells
15)Achieve Bishop's Five-Star Award for Evangelism